Behavior Bitches
Episode 157: A Mother's Love is Limitless

In this episode join Isabella Santos on her career journey, pivoting from the role of a Brazilian Lawyer to an American BCBA! Initially from Brazil, Isabella started the journey of her life shortly after giving birth to her beautiful son, Theo. After noticing some developmental delays, she began to explore the world of Behavior Analysis and navigating an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

Isabella quickly discovered that the quality of care her son would receive in Brazil was not enough. She strongly felt that he deserved more, so much so, that she moved to the United States in 2018 knowing zero English. She could no longer practice as a lawyer in America so she embarked on an endeavor to become a BCBA. Not only did she soak up her studies, but she also took the exam in English and passed on the first try. 


In this episode, dive into applied concepts such as ethics, motivating operations, BACB requirements, studying, testing, instructional formats, responsibility to clients and stakeholders among many others. Tune in, or miss out on a heartfelt and truly inspirational story!

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