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Episode 156: Tracker! A Supervision Fieldwork Tracker

Ok, we all have heard the horror stories, have a terrible version ourselves, or warn our trainees of the dangerous world of fieldwork supervision. The story always goes, this one supervisor didn’t sign off on all my hours…. Or something very similar to that!

Well, we decided to shift gears and talk to someone who knows all about the ins and outs of fieldwork supervision, Angie Pickering! 

Angie is a seasoned Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a specialization in Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention and a strong focus on Pivotal Response Treatment. With over a decade in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), she has excelled in early intervention, working in both in-home, clinic settings, school and residential settings.  She herself was a nontraditional student and did not become a BCBA until 2018. Did we also mention that she is a SNABA alum?

As a graduate-level course Instructor at Portland State University, Angie is also a sought-after consultant. Organizations across the United States turn to her to enhance their supervision practices. Is this needed or what!? Angie’s passion for effective, supportive, and exemplary supervision motivated her to partner with Study Notes ABA to create Tracker!

Tracker! Is a web-based system that allows both trainees and supervisees to keep track of accrued fieldwork hours, store documentation, and gives space for supervisors to approve or deny hours immediately. It takes away the stress of losing paperwork, sifting through emails, or scheduling meetings just to go over approval or denial of hours. If you didn’t catch it- that’s right! We did it again! We have taken the suck out of tracking supervision hours!


What makes Tracker! Different from other versions of documentation systems? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out! This episode covers all things supervision and ethics, practically all of task list section I and some of E. Concepts include supervision, ethics, quality of supervision, BST, requirements, content of supervision, restricted versus unrestricted activities and limits, and acceptable versus unacceptable activities among many others.


Want to learn more about the fieldwork supervision process or want to ensure that you are the best supervisor possible? Tune in or miss the f* out!!


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