Behavior Bitches
Episode 154: Shabbat through an ABA lens

Liat discusses being a modern orthodox Jew all the time. But did you know that a lot of the practices of her religion are behavioral in nature? Not convinced? Don’t just take Liat’s word for it, listen to the ideas of Michael Lebovitz.


Micheal is the resident BCBA for BayCare Behavioral Unit where he works on the Community Action Team and Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP), specializing in Trauma Focused ACT (TFACT). A SNABA alum, he was thrilled to come on and share his own Jewish practices.


The Bitches invite Michael to expand on his experience with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy specifically as it applies to observing Shabbat. What is Shabbat you ask? It is a weekly practice where practicing Jewish people disconnect from the modern world and revert back to primitive behaviors that don’t include the use of technology. 


Surprisingly in each stage of ACT there are behavioral principles that Micheal then applies to Shabbat including stimulus control, antecedent interventions, motivating operations, behavioral momentum, private behaviors, shaping, functional and topographical response classes, delayed reinforcement and negative reinforcement among many others! Tune in for another real world application of ABA concepts or miss the F out!


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