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Episode 152: Dr. Megan Kirby : Experimental Designs

Well you asked for it folks, and we’ve delivered! Making it more behavioral than ever, we invited Dr. Megan Kirby to join The Bitches to discuss single subject experimental designs

Dr. Megan Kirby is no noob to experimental designs- she has been a part of 19 publications all falling into the category of single subject designs. She has a Ph.D in Behavioral and Community Sciences and currently holds multiple positions including Associate researcher at the University of South Florida and the director of dissemination and implementation programs at Language Dynamics Group. 

Dr. Kirby has recently completed a chapter on single subject designs that we won’t bore you with assigned reading, but however talk it out! She stresses the difference between experimental group designs and the focus on our field of single subject experimental designs where the individual serves as both the experimental and control group. Due to the nature of our science, we stress the importance of our clients receiving treatment, not just a placebo or similar intervention that are used with control groups in experimental group designs. 

Don’t get us wrong here- there is definitely space for group designs and statistics within our field, but most likely, in our applied work settings you’ll be working with single subject designs the most!


We don’t just stop there either- Dr. Kirby and The Bitches cover multiple baseline design, repeated acquisition design, single subject design, baseline, intervention, socially significant behaviors,  independent variables, dependent variables, internal and external validity, baseline logic, experimental control and replication! Whew! Try saying that all in one breath….


If you don’t want to read Chapter 7, 8 or 9 in Cooper by your lonesome self- give this episode a try to get a greater understanding of experimental design! Tune in or miss the F out!

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