Behavior Bitches
Ep. 155: Sugar Baby Turned BCBA

Have you sat down and chatted with a Sugar Baby? We aren’t talking about the candy, although they are delicious and chewy. Nope! Instead, we are getting a little dirty…. You know, the Sugar Baby, younger female that gets money from an older male?

That’s right, we did it! We found a Sugar Baby that is willing to talk about all of the Motivating Operations and Competing Contingencies that lead to her decision making and ultimate solution, of becoming a Sugar Baby. You might be surprised, because somehow, she decided to stop and become a BCBA! What are the chances! But furthermore, she’s a SNABA Alum

Meet our anonymous guest. And let me say, it’s probably not what you think.

It’s a really compelling story, because it doesn’t go how you would assume! This former sugar baby now owns her own therapy business and opens up with The Bitches about many behavioral concepts such as schedules of reinforcement, ratio strain, establishing and motivating operations, functions of behavior, response effort and control. 

We know you must have lots of questions. But don’t worry, we got you, boo. We asked a bunch of questions such as, Why did you ever consider this type of work? How’d you get into it? How much did it pay? Did you have to have sex with old men?

This episode is easy to listen to. It’s fun, entertaining and surprising at many moments. If you want to understand the function of this type of behavior, tune in or miss the F out!


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