Behavior Bitches
Ep. 150: Finding Victoria with Author Kristin Ruane

Ok, so take two of your childhood favorites, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Drop them in a cauldron and sprinkle a little science…. Give it a big stir and get Finding Victoria, a book written by Kristin Ruane that guides readers through ABA concepts in a unique and interesting way, through a fictional story!

The Bitches have a light hearted discussion in this episode with Kristin as they follow the main character, Victoria, who is an adorable yet stubborn child who meets her match, a behavior therapist, after her mother, Valerie, decides to call a behavior analyst. Being very careful not to give away too much of the plot, The Bitches and Kristin tackle lots of behavioral concepts including FBAs, FAs, questions to ask parents, ethics, learning histories, reinforcement, punishment….. The list is too long! This is a book about learning ABA concepts afterall!

You can find the book on Buy The Book and would be a perfect purchase for Psychology or ABA students, parents, teachers or anyone else that is interested in the ABA field.

If you want to hear more, tune in to this episode or miss the F out!


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You can find her book, Finding Victoria here

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