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Body Modification: Bad Tats to Botox : Episode 153

We’ve all experienced a mental health crisis (or two or three, not speaking for you but myself here-) and one of the first thoughts is to change something about our appearance to evoke or elicit better feelings. 

Well, The Bitches dive into that concept entirely with a very familiar guest for some casual office chat. Nicole Williams, SNABA fam, content writer and Adjunct Professor confesses and explains all sorts of body modifications, many of which she has participated in herself including tattoos, piercings, fillers, plastic surgery and corrective surgery. 

Don’t think this topic is behavioral in nature? Guess again! Many concepts are covered within this episode such as behavioral definitions, functions of behavior, functional interventions, ontogeny, phylogeny, free will, determinism, selectionism, self-control, discrimination and negative reinforcement just to name a few.

Perhaps you want to hear some confessions, or maybe you want to apply ABA concepts in an everyday way. Either reason, listen in or you’ll miss out on a causal, good, loaded and entertaining conversation!


*TW: Self-harm is discussed in this episode*

Behavior Principles Covered:


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