Behavior Bitches
A DINK's Guide To Caregiver Coaching with Rosie!

What’s a DINK? Rosie dives into it: Dual Income No Kids in our recent episode about parent supervision! Rosie is no stranger to our podcast or our family, you can find her continuing education units (CEUs) on our CEUs by StudyNotes website.  The creator of the podcast Behavior Bites, Rosie lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is engaged in multiple organizations including MassABA, BABAT, and an Advocate/Ally Member of BABA. She tackles the difficult conversation that most of us BCBAs and RBTs can relate to early in our careers. Our advice might be criticized because we don’t have children (by choice or by destiny).

In this episode Rosie offers all the insight about caregiver coaching, soft skills and ethics that rings true even for the most seasoned BCBA. Some of the behavior principles covered within this much needed conversation include parent training, generalization, mediation, negative reinforcement, shaping, abolishing operations, ethics and assent versus consent.

Not sure how to approach a hard conversation? Unsure of how to present a suggestion to a parent? Want to move outside of just using the RUBI? Tune into this episode to explore compassionate care in parent training, identifying and resolving barriers to effective parent training, appropriate ethical codes, and the use of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) in parent training. Tune in or miss out!

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A DINK’s Guide to Caregiver Coaching